What is showbolt?

Showbolt is an interactive filmed experience using a robotic arm and high-speed camera. It provides guests with a fun, engaging activity at any event, and a video to share with their friends. Create the ultimate video selfie!

How does Showbolt work?

You’ll be briefed by the Director as you enter the set. Have fun striking a pose!

Your video will appear on a screen nearby fully edited with effects, music and intros.

Simply enter your email on the touch screen and it’ll arrive within seconds!

Now your video is ready to share with your friends across your favourite social media sites.

Showbolt stage

What's included?

We provide the full service! Hire the Showbolt, and you get:

The Bolt

Showbolt: The fastest Camera Robot in the world!


Showbolt.Tv—the software that controls everything


High speed camera & lens


Basic high speed lighting package


50" touchscreen video player and two ipads

Video Storage

1yr video hosting and management

Technical Crew

Technical and fun crew who know photography and robotics


Branded video content, displays and communication

Optional extras:


SFX—pyro, lasers, funfetti

Original glambot director Cole Walliser

Special Lighting

Special lighting

Special AV and Displays

Additional displays/special AV

Digital Brand Experience

Additional branding opportunities

Custom Software

Custom software changes

Where can Showbolt be used?

Brand Activation

Brand Activation

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Private Parties and Weddings

Private Parties + Weddings

Event production and Festivals

Event production + Festivals


What is Showbolt.tv? Showbolt.tv is the software that sits behind everything we do. It’s the software that allows us to automate the process of filming, editing, screening and content delivery all under a minute. It’s constantly evolving with new tricks and features added each day. It’s also entirely customizable—so come at us! The touchscreen user interface is extremely straightforward to use and allows the user to review and share the content with a few simple taps.

Full screen portrait mode for ease of use

Email your content to any email address

Landscape blurred (depth of field) mode


A selection of key players who use Showbolt

IBC Show
NAB Show
Red Carpet Events

Frequently asked questions

How many people is it for?

We can program the robot to shoot a selfie for one or wide angle of the whole squad. You can program as many moves as you like which can be chosen throughout the night. We can do private photoshoots for party for hundreds.

What does the setup look like?

Imagine a film set but everything controlled with press of a button. The crew is just there to have fun. The Robotic arm carrying the highspeed camera shoots you against a backdrop or the natural environment. We take up approximately a minimum of 3m x 6m.

How long does it take to set up and how long does it take to film each time?

We need roughly 4 hours to set up depending on setup and access. We try to turnaround each shot in approximately one minute so no ones waiting.

What does the content look like?

We typically produce a 10-20 sec video clip with effects such as slo-mo, hyperlapse, boomerang, filters which can be viewed on your phone or screen with a minute or less.

How are videos shared?

We can either send as an attachment in a branded email which can then be upload to any form of social but if you have an idea in mind we can accommodate. Airdrop, USB, QR codes? Endless possibilities.

What quality are the videos?

We usually provide either 720p or 1080p which adequate for most mobile devices. But if wanting to screen ‘big’ we can work on 4k output. Just ask.

Can I brand the videos?

100%. We can give you options for outro, intro, watermark, background music.

How much does it cost?

We provide varying service and excitement levels so contact us to find out.