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About Showbolt

Developed specifically for the Experiential and Events sector, Showbolt is a high-speed robot arm and camera capable of shooting and editing cinematic quality content in seconds. Our solution offers endless edit and sharing customisation, flexible for the unique requirements of your event.

We have over 50 years of expertise engineering motion control robotics for the Film & Broadcast industry as the sister brand Mark Roberts Motion Control owned by Nikon.

Showbolt in action

How it works

Enter the shoot space - our Director will brief you on where to look and how to pose for the best shot.

Review your instantly edited video from one of our screens.

Enter your email to share your clip and you will receive a branded email with an MP4 attachment.

Save your clip to your camera roll and share!

Showbolt Hire

The Bolt

Showbolt: The fastest Camera Robot in the world!


Showbolt.Tv—the software that controls everything


High speed camera & lens


Basic high speed lighting package


50" touchscreen video player and two ipads

Client Service, 8hrs of dedicated Project Management

Technical Crew

Technical and fun crew who know photography and robotics


Branded video content, displays and communication

Optional extras:

Logistics outside of London

Director of Photography


Test Shoots

Special Lighting

Specialist Lighting

Showbolt Arm Branding

Custom Software

Custom Software Functionality

Special AV and Displays

Additional displays/special AV

Showbolt.TV is the software that sits behind everything we do. It allows us to automate the process of filming, editing, screening and content delivery all under a minute. Our software is flexible enough to allow for custom UX and branding to flex with the needs of your event. Showbolt.TV’s touchscreen UX is intuitive and allows the user to review and share the content seamlessly.

Full screen portrait mode to preview your content easily. Email your content and share to your chosen social channels.


We work with brands and agencies globally


Frequently asked questions

How many people can take part in the experience?

Unlimited depending on the space you have available. We recommend a space of 6m x 3m which comfortably allows us to shoot selfies and groups but we program Showbolt specifically for your event so have endless options.

What does the setup look like?

We can configure our set up for your space but typically 6m x 3m is plenty. Showbolt stage

How long does set up take?

We need approximately 4 hrs to set up depending on access restrictions.

How long does the experience last?

From entering the shoot space to receiving your content is about 2-3 minutes. This gives us time to offer guests some direction, to shoot it, allow the user to review it and then share it.

What does the content look like?

We typically produce a 10-20 sec mp4. video clip with effects such as slo-mo, hyperlapse, boomerang and filters. These are produced to the specifications of your brief.

How are videos shared?

Videos are typically sent via branded email (in accordance to our Privacy Policy) as an attachment for the guest to share to their chosen platforms. Other options available, please get in touch to discuss.

What are my branding options?

Everything from the final video output to the UX, email and Showbolt itself. We’ll guide you through the possibilities when you enquire.

What is the Range of the Showbolt?

Maximum Height: 2.45m
Lowest position: 0.2m
Maximum reach: 1.5m

What are the dimensions & weight of the Showbolt?

Height: 1.80m
Width: 0.82m
Depth: 1.65m
Weight set up: 1110 kg

What are your Power and Internet requirements?

Showbolt requires 3phase (3 x 400-415V), 32 amps and draws approx 3kva. (Ask about possibility of single phase 32amp)

We ideally require a hardwired dedicated connection recommended with speeds of 5MBPS.